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Full Version: third toolbox-submenu for User-Programms?
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I'm new to this Board (and the HP Prime too). I'm using the Prime mainly for calculations in electronic-engineering.

I have writen myself a simple Program that holds functions that I often use. No Problem at all but My Program get's bigger and bigger and includes many Functions that I usually call over the Toolbox. Now it would be nice to group that Functions in "third Submenus". For example like the Geometry-App or the Matrix-Menu?


Hopefully you know what I mean. I know my english is really bad. Sorry for that.
It's at this point that menu driven sub programs can get labor intensive, but you might be interested in the DRAWMENU command, and employing graphic variables using the BLIT_P function with other pixel based functions, (TEXTOUT_P, GETPIX_P, PIXON_P, etc).

Otherwise, you are pretty much limited to INPUT() with drop down options, and check boxes. As you know, complicated commands are really a matter of experience, so once you get the hang of these things, they get easier to use. (As long as the firmware doesn't change, that is!)

Thanks for response,
I suspected that Sad. So if I want some submenu I have to draw it at my own. Unfortunately by creating the menu out of my Program I have to execute it first. And that I don't want. I only want to categorize my funtion's in the Toolbox. So that I can go for example: Toolbox>User>Electronic>Resistance>Wire_R instead of Toolbox>User>Electronic>Wire_R. So I think I stick with my long list of function's... or maybe I split my Programm into "smaller ones".

Hopefully my english Isn't too bad that you understand what I'm meaning.

You are correct that there is a problem once your programs start to get a large number of variables or function names. We have a few ideas on how to resolve this, but it will still take some time.

Your suggestion is "on the list" to be worked on though. Thank you for the suggestion.
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