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Full Version: HEPAX_4H: a New Library#4-aware version available
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How to improve a masterpiece? Some would say it can't be done, but if you're already using some Library#4-aware modules then this new version HEPAX_4H is a clear enhancement of the original.

The basic module is unchanged, but the sub-functions management is overhauled as follows:

1.- added XFCAT and HPCAT to enumerate the sub-functions within the XF and HEPAX groups. Direct execution within the catalog is possible.
2.- added direct ALPHA entry support for the HEPAXA and XFA functions
3.- added sub-function name preview when entered as index or during SST execution
4.- added LASTF support for the last-executed sub-function.

Plus the same enhancements from the previous "1G" revision are here too, as follows:

- Six new functions in the MAIN FAT: HFLADR. HFLTYP, HGETP. HWRKFL, RLSRAM, and LASTF
- three new sub-functions in the HEPAX group: PGROOM, PGSUM, HPCAT
- five new sub-functions in the XF group: RTN?, XQ>GO, XQXM, CLEM, and XFCAT

The Library#4 needed some adjustments to make this changes compatible with some code shared by the PowerCL_Extreme - which has also been modified accordingly. Therefore the three modules impacted by this action are the Library#4, the HEPAX_1H, and the PowerCL_Extreme.

Soon at a TOS near you... or sneak preview for beta testers, any volunteers?

(02-19-2016 02:40 PM)Geir Isene Wrote: [ -> ]Does it include the Turbo50 fix for HEPDIR?

Sure enough it does.
(02-20-2016 01:46 AM)Geir Isene Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-19-2016 12:36 PM)Ángel Martin Wrote: [ -> ]...sneak preview for beta testers, any volunteers?

Yes, me.

you've got 3x mail ;-)
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