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Full Version: I Could Not Reset My Account Password
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I've just tried to reset my account but could not do so.

I got the email with the preliminary password but I was not allowed to login as the passcode was wrong?

Well, I think I'll stick to this user name anyways.

I just had 7 posts....

P.s.: My old account was: Elite
This sounds like another case of "Lost password confusion" described here:


ie: there is not a "preliminary password" but a link to click. So far I have been unable to replicate this as long as the instructions are followed exactly. It has been mentioned on the myBB forum that people do get confused and so far they say that they're not going to try to fix people not reading the instructions.
I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I actually thought that the user is the email; It just occured to me to use the user name Smile
Yes, that would stop it too! Smile
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