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Full Version: SainSmart MetaPhix M2 Graphing Calculator
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In a clearly targeted ad, Amazon suggests I check out this calculator:


Description of this $29.99 wonder includes:

• Generation of graphing functions handles calculus, engineering, trigonometric.
• Basic arithmetic operations using binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal values.
• Built-in memory for storage and analysis; 64 x 32 pixel resolution LCD screen.
• Comes with detailed trouble shooting technical instruction and well packages.
• 1-year warranty and technical support dedicated from SainSmart

Anyone familiar with this machine, or even the manufacturer, which I assume is Chinese?
Edit: Wrong guess, looks French; I guess the name should have been the clue...
Hello Bob,
that label SainSmart may feel french (missing just one letter T), but isn't that a common phenomenon of smart marketing? About a year ago I have purchased an Arduino Nano clone called SainSmart Nano from the same source. It didn't work exactly as expected, so I read the customer reviews, where someone stated the device were fabricated in China. (I know, one should read reviews before buying as that's their purpose...)
Concerning the calculator: no tutorials and no information about RAM size. So I guess, at about the same price any used and refurbished graphing calculator from the four main manufacturers TI, Casio, Sharp and HP may be the better deal for the typical user.
Judging by the unique display format, number of keys and its function set, this appears to be a variation of the Sentry CA756 graphing calculator (aka Durabrand 828). Here is more information about the Sentry CA756.
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