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Full Version: WP-31s/34s: font problem in Qt version
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By accident I've now switched off 'Use real fonts' in the 'Preferences' dialog, and suddenly the font in the alpha display is looking very strange (and ugly).
I don't know exactly since which version this has happened, at least the last 2 versions from this year (2016) are showing this strange font in both Qt GUIs (WP31s and WP34s) - but NOT in the normal (non-Qt) emulator.

I've attached the old and new display for comparison ...

Edit: analyzing the code I found the problem, it's the function 'ZN8QPainter13setRenderHintENS_10RenderHintEb' - after patching the emulator and skipping this function the usual font is back again.
In the source it's the line 'painter.setRenderHint(QPainter::Antialiasing);' in the module 'QtScreen.cpp' (once for the WP-31s, twice for the WP-34s), which has been introduced in SVN3871 for the 34s and SVN3873 for the 31s (and the complex 34s).

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