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Full Version: HP 12C for iphone: how do I clear out memory?
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The app is HP 12C, and I have it installed on my 5C iphone. The financial functions are no longer working properly, like present value or payment. There is a keystroke combo that should clear out the memory like a reset but I can't figure out how to do it. Any ideas? Many thanks!
(01-28-2014 03:25 PM)pitchblackcoffee Wrote: [ -> ]Any ideas?

I don't have the app installed, but on the real HP-12C it is "f-CLEAR FIN" that will do the job.
Shoot. That doesn't work, Max. But thanks for posting.

Any other ideas?
(01-28-2014 05:44 PM)pitchblackcoffee Wrote: [ -> ]Shoot. That doesn't work, Max. But thanks for posting.

Any other ideas?

On an iPad you can double tap the home button and then swipe left and right until you find the 12c app. Then you tap and hold on the app and swipe it vertically off the screen (IOS 7). This will reset the app and when you restart the app it should be cleared.

If this does not work, I would suggest to reset the phone by holding the home button and the on/off button until the phone switches off and continue to hold until the apple icon is visible on the screen.

Cheers, Terje
Ha! That worked! I'm sure it's not what HP intended, and I'll bet there is a shortcut that does clear the memory, but this is a happy fix in the mean time. Thanks, Terje!
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