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Full Version: RPN Christmas Present
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Below is a photo of a great gift coffee mug my son got me for Christmas. It would appear I mention RPN around the house more often than I thought... Also, I did get this son an HP-12C when he started his new job in the fall in the financial market on Wall Street. While raised surrounded by HP, for school he had to learn calculators using a TI; but one could clearly see his satisfaction at seeing/feeling such a lovely piece of engineering.

The mug is surrounded by the last 3 RPN machines I played with; an HP-71B, a 41CL and a DM-15L. Aha you say, the 71B is not RPN! Well, if you look closely, you will see there is an RPN Calculator overlay installed.
You raised him right! RPN sentences are a thing?!
Bob! He was brought up well, now to educate my nephew:

Gave my 30 year old nephew a restored HP 16c for Christmas. He works for Adobe as a programmer.

Initially after he unwrapped it he said 'oh that's an interesting toy'! Then he opened the manual and started playing with it. I asked him if there were any 50 year old programmers in the office. He said yes. I told home NOT to leave the 'toy' on his desk while he was away from it.

Four emails later, he won't be leaving it in his office desk, and is actually using it for checking purposes.

It's not a toy!

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