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Full Version: January 2016 Update of Virtual HP-IL devices
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Updates of the Virtual HP-IL devices are available at http://hp.giesselink.com/hpil.htm.

The new program versions have now the from Tobie requested change of a disabled ESC key. Pressing the ESC key don't exit the program any more. To exit the program over keyboard press <Alt><F4> instead please.

Further I changed the program distribution. The regular program archive now contain the earlier optional IPv4/IPv6 dual stack version compiled with VS2005. So you need the latest VS2005 runtime version installed on your computer (available on my Virtual HP-IL page or at Microsoft).

For those who still want or must use the version compiled with MSVC6 for some reasons, they are now available as archive with all programs included but without any documentation.

And as far as I have seen on the screenshots, the printer windows is now full-width if scope is disabled. Thanks for taking this up!
Thank you Christoph. This will reduce now the restarts of the Emu71/IL System and
helps me a lot :-)

Best regards
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