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Full Version: HP 9122D: Replacement Floppy Drives Available
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HP 9122D is an HP-IB dual floppy drive controller that can be used with many HP 9000 series 200 and 300 computers, 80 series computers ( HP 85, 86, 87 ) equipped with EMS rom, or even with HP-IL calculators and the HP Portable (plus) along with the HP IL-IB interface. The floppy drives inside are DD (double density, about 600-700kB ). The same floppy drives are used also in other mass storage devices, for example in the hard disk / floppy disk combo drives HP 9133 (D,H).
HP used two different versions which can be distinguished from each other by looking at the eject button: The old style drive has a square eject button, the modern version features a flat, wide eject button.
A friend has found a source of NEW-OLD-STOCK floppy drives that are very similar to the modern style floppy drives, and he found a way to modify them, so that they work perfectly in the HP controllers.
It is not yet clear if these drives also can be used in a 9114B HP-IL drive, but probably they can. ( In case there is a strong demand for 9114B replacement drives, we can do some testing and find out, of course ).
So if you have got defective or not-so-reliable DD floppy drives of the modern kind, you might be interested to get a perfect replacement; let me know via this thread or PM. Of course the offer is good while supplies last.
I also have to give later the price; please consider that you would have to add shipping charges from France.
Needless to say that I am not involved in the potential sales at all; the costs are for buying the NOS-floppy drives and the modification work. My friend is not a forum member here and thought it might be a good idea to offer the chance to get new floppy drives to the HP community. I am totally convinced that he will keep the costs ( for modification ) as low as possible.
I might be interested.
To Italy shipping charges should be reasonable.
Unit price for a modified drive?
(01-12-2016 07:35 PM)gferluga Wrote: [ -> ]I might be interested.
To Italy shipping charges should be reasonable.
Unit price for a modified drive?

Price per unit (NOS), including modification to establish compatibility with HP controllers:
€ 50.-
You can also emulate an 9122D with HPDrive and mount images stored on your PC. All you need is a compatible HP-IB card installed in your PC. You'll find such cards on eBay at reasonable prices. I agree that it's not the same feeling as with a real HP floppy drive but it's very handy.
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