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Full Version: 41CL Flash updating
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I have just added a warning to the 41CL Flash Update document. While going through the update process on one of my machines I got distracted long enough that the PC went to sleep with the 41CL still connected. It appeared that the 41CL was locked up, so I disconnected the serial port and removed the batteries. But now the machine is unresponsive.

So, if you're updating the Flash, don't let this happen to you. I wouldn't connect a 41CL to an unpowered PC and then power up the PC either.
(01-04-2016 05:51 PM)Geir Isene Wrote: [ -> ]I had a scare while updating flash on my CL this weekend. I accidentally bumped the connection cord so that it popped out slightly from the 41. This apparently made a mish-mash of some of the RAM pages (my HEPAX RAM at 808 and 809 to be specific), effectively locking up the calc. I had to remove the batteries until MEMORY LOST. But then I managed to replug said HEPAX RAM and it locked up again. Next time, I did YMCPY from flash to ensure pages 808 and 809 were "sane". Then everything was fine.

This sounds like the result of a power glitch. Probably because the serial connector wire torqued the battery block. I have though about gluing the port cover with the serial port to the calc body, because I do the same thing fairly regularly.
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