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Full Version: Swiss Micros DM41L - future developments
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As I'm in the process of getting a DM41L, I contacted Michael from Swiss Micros to ask him for possible future developments regarding I/O-capabilities of the machine. He answered that they plan to develop a decoder/encoder tool like that for the DM15L (http://www.swissmicros.com/nut_decoder.html). Well, that are good news so far ...

However, it still would be the "silver bullit" to have PIL-Box-interaction, download/upload capabilities (Roms!) via the built in USB-port as Angel Martin mentioned (http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-5325.html):
Quote:If the USB connection could be used to upload/download ROMs this would be a glorious product - is the technology required really that hard to make this happen??

With reference to his question, I'm wondering if this "Technology-advancement" could be solved by "just" rewriting the Firmware of the machine or if a new Hardware would be necessary? Hoping for some thoughts from the experts out there ...

A machine which would be a hardware container for the 43S would be fantastic. I wonder if they are considering it or if it is financially doable for them.
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