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Full Version: Lists and tests
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This may be a question for Cyrille or Tim. I've noticed something strange using lists in test conditions.
Let do in Home :

L1:={"A","B" "C"}

EXPR(L1) returns {8,2,2} => fine
{8,2,2}+1 returns {9,3,3} => good
EXPR(L1)+1 returns {9,3,3} => so far so good

3<{8,2,2} returns {1,0,0} => ok
3<EXPR(L1) returns {1,0,0} => still good

{8,2,2}>3 returns {1,0,0} => ok, but:
EXPR(L1)>3 returns an error message "Bad argument type"

So it seems that a list as a result of EXPR() works when it is the second argument of a test condition but not when it is the first argument. Why?
This was noticed a while back and mentioned here as well I think. I believe it functions with no issue in the ios app (not 100% sure on that). We are now in an interesting (for us at least) situation where the app is leading the hardware. Just kind of a new experience on our end.

One other list related thing, there is a new EQ command that does the same as ==, except for lists it will only return 1/0 based on an exact match of the whole list.
in the Prime with EXPR(L1)>3 I got "Bad argument type" both CAS and Home;
in the iPhone I got "Bad argument type" in Home, but
is returned in CAS


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