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Full Version: What I'd like for Xmas from those nice PPL at HP
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(Perhaps some of these are already possible in the PPL, but I just havent seen them yet)

To be allowed a list of variables to be returned in an assignment.
IF my_gps returns {DATA_VALID,Latitude,Long}
Instead of
LOC:=my_gps...IF LOC(1) use(LOC(2))
I want a list of results variables before the assignment := :
{DVALID,LOCATION}:=my_gps() ...
is much clearer than LOC:= ...
IF LOC(1) then use LOC(2)...


CHOOSE: (See my thread)
Given an empty list return 0.
Given a long list filter selection: display only results containing on-Screen text.

DRAWMENU save and restore.
Recognition of buttons...
IFBUT ==BUT("Edit")
rather than IF_mouse_pixels==

When selecting checkboxes, allowing 2 columns can be useful - but sometimes 1 column with a longer text is better. The columns may be easier to read if they ran downwards:
a D
b E
c F
A b
C d
E f
So −more_optional_parameters useful.
the_syntax_for_multiple_selections in input or choose _could_be_easier (see_my_thread)
300+ rather than only 142 checkboxes would be nice.

An append option would be useful for errorlogs: NOTES("LOG",APPEND):="DIVBY0"
Or Printfile?

Allow user to request rounding to 31 places without aborting a program. Improves robustness and portability. (At present my ZIPP program keels over if 13 digits of rounding are specified).

Let us have more ticks - at least two - Miles and km are obvious examples, but also cm and mm would be nice if cm were a different colour/style. Either displayed along the axes or the screen edges ( for when the axis is offscreen or to help seperate the units).
I just want a CMT 300

Please post link of CMT 300
[Image: 2015-11-09%2022.00.39_zpspmbiiv0z.jpg]

We should probably just have a separate Santa thread, didn't mean to hijack this one.

Still if one turns up under the tree . . .
What does that do?
It's Corvallis Microtechnology's take on an HP3468.

Only without the HPIL. And WAY smaller, and WAY cooler.

Damn my covetous nature.
A CMT-300 or equal connecting to the Prime to the USB port. Really want a measuring system connecting to Prime.. Will it happen?
(12-17-2015 08:22 AM)Graan Wrote: [ -> ]A CMT-300 or equal connecting to the Prime to the USB port. Really want a measuring system connecting to Prime.. Will it happen?

Would this do it? Or are you looking for something else? (I believe that you'll need Hardware C to enable the DataStreamer app)


If you go to their home site(press home) you are redirected to their new site http://einsteinworld.com/ Seems they switched to Android now.

What Im looking for is some kind of open communication interface to the Prime for measurements. Electronics has developed a lot and with todays intelligent cirquits it should be simple to design a interface if possible. But Prime seems to be a quite closed system. I dont think the purpose of the Prime is to be able to do this.
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