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Full Version: French error when solving an equation
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Hey there. The oddities continue.

I was trying to solve the following equation for x:
1/sqrt(x) = 1.74- 2*log((2k/d)+(18.6/(r*sqrt(x))))
When I use specific values for k, d and r, I get the correct answer.
When attempting to solve it to an x=f(k,d,r) I get an error:
"Impossible d'isoler, Error: Valeur Argument Incorrecte"
Again, the Android app produces the same result.
Why can't the Prime do that, and why the hell does it give me errors in French?
Turns out, when switching the calculator language to English, it makes a lot more sense.
The botched up the German translation quite a bit...
You can't "solve" the equation because there is no closed form solution without getting into use of the "product log" function since there is no way to isolate x without that. No other handheld calculator can do this either.
I still think the localization of the calculator should be done in some collaborative open environment. Anything but English looks without any care nor love.

Maybe a revolutionary in-device capability to flag wrong translations or bugs would work too Tongue these flagged things could be sent to hp when the calculator is synced.
(12-03-2015 03:22 PM)eried Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe a revolutionary in-device capability to flag wrong translations...
Yeah, but I would prefer to see stuffs like QPI integrated in-device first.
Let's hope for next coming update...
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