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Full Version: CASIO fx-4200P
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I saw yesterday Jebem's thread about his recently obtained Casio fx-4100P and I couldn't help to remember the very similar fx-4200P that I used during my High School years.

It was the first scientific calculator that I ever had. It was inherited from my cousin, who went to university for a non scientific degree, and didn't need it any longer. I was later inherited by my brother, when I started engineering and (after testing for someweeks an HP42s and selling it) I got a 48G. Unfortunatelly that unit was somewhere lost, but I managed to get another one on e-bay recently (in much more better shape, by the way). And from this last one is where I got the pictures:

booklet type cover:


Front view:


To the 7 numeric registers (M + k1...k6) and 63 "step" (characters) formula memory fo 4100P, this one added up to 99 formula registers (with a total max. of 279 steps). Each register can hold more than one formula, being able to re-use previous results in later formulas (but only inside the same register), if you separate them using colons.

[S] CAPA gives you the free memory:


Just enter a formula, press [EXE] and it will ask you for the vaiables (each letter is considered a variable, and two letters together imply you multiply them):


It will later show the result as "F= " and a second later the numerical answer. F will have now that value assigned, so further formulas in the same register will use it. Once the whoe register has been executed, those assignations are lost, unless you [EXE] the same register again.

It can use "engineering prefixes" from T (tera) to f (fempto) both for entry and for display purposes, and can work in 4 numeric bases (with up to 32bits) wit five logical operations.

It was a pretty amazing machine for me when I got it in the early 90's...

It also has the usual 2 variable statistics, linear regressions, hyperbolics, polar-rectangular conversions
Damn, I have to chase one of this for my collection Smile

Thank you for sharing it here.
(11-30-2015 11:45 AM)jebem Wrote: [ -> ]Damn, I have to chase one of this for my collection Smile

Thank you for sharing it here.

It wasn't easy at all... I wanted it because it was my first scientific, and I had been searching for months before getting one! (ebay automatic alerts help a lot). Seems it wasn't a very popular model...
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