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Full Version: Bug? Solve in CAS causes warm start
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On my Prime (latest firmware) entering (for example)
in the CAS screen causes a warm start on the physical calculator, and a crash on the emulator. fsolve behaves in the same way.

The crash doesn't happen if the right-hand side is greater than 1e-12, or if x^3 is replaced by x^2.

Can anyone reproduce this? If so, is it a known bug?

Nigel (UK)
Yes, I can reproduce the warm start on the physical calculator.
HP 50g returns 1.06265856918E-5, no problems.
A workaround: enter
(note the 3.0 in the power) and the correct solution is given with no crash. This works with both solve and fsolve. Still a bug, though, I'd say!

Nigel (UK)
I have modified giac for this case, it was returning an error (but unfortunately not on the Prime because of the OS).
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