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Full Version: Fraud Alert - iPad 15c emulator app
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I just got cheated on an iPad/iPhone HP 15c emulator App sold in the Apple Store under the name Mx15Calculator and published by 3GR Technology. I paid $2.99 for it, which is not a lot of money, but it was not free either. After using it a couple of times, I got a screen that simply said "Trial version has expired" followed by a blank screen. I deleted it and then downloaded it again from the cloud, whereby it ran briefly and then again failed to load with the same message. So, I'm posting here as a PSA to warn you not to buy this as it is a fraud.
Many thanks.
It should be brought to the attention of Apple's store so they can take action against the seller and refund your money.
Very strange.

The 3GR web site only refers to products (by the same name as the ones in the iTune store) that are for the Windows Pocket PC and Palm Pilot. There is no mention of any product for the iPad. Looks like someone has taken these old calculator programs and reworked them for the iPad.

And looks like they are selling an evaluation version and not telling anyone that is what they are paying $2.99 for,

You definitely need to file a complaint with Apple.

Smithville, NJ
I'm not sure how to file a complaint with Apple. I did try to post a negative review on this app, but so far it has not appeared, and there are no other reviews or ratings. If the amount I paid had been large, I might try to raise a fuss, but for $2.99 I'm more interested in just raising the alert to protect the rest if the community.
Looking at the description for it on iTunes Preview, I see:

"The best Scientific & Engineering RPN 15c calculator since 2006."

The "best...since 2006"????

What was the best in 2006??

Of course we know the best is a real HP-15C, no matter what year.

None of 3GR's apps on iTunes have received any review comments.

While I don't have iPhone/iPad, I do buy apps for my Android. One thing I always do is to check the developer's website. I pass on any app where the developers Web Site is way out of date, such as is the case with 3GR.

Smithville, NJ
Update. I got a refund from Apple. I had to log into my iTunes account on my pc and request a refund there. Anyways, the app is now gone. It's still shown as for sale in the App store, so I hope no one else buys it after reading my negative review. I noticed before removing it from my iPad that the message actually reads "Trail version has expired" not "Trial", so it's clear that the developer's English isn't very good either.
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