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Full Version: (35S) for Surveyors
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Several years ago I wrote thirty two programs for topographic calculations that I want to share. Attached is a complete list in English and Spanish. They contain program steps, instructions and numerical examples.
Those that are of interest will be uploaded. Pedro

Editing: here three websites very important for HP 35s in Topography
NOTE: in the botton of the webpage, at “Amerisurv search option” add Jason Foose as keyword, explore from Issue Septembre 2104 to November 2015 (12 excellent chained articles)
Superb work and dedication towards the 35s never seen before. If you are interested in seeing what others have programmed for the 35s, I recommend you start with this thread.

I must be blind, all i see is a list .where are the programs file.
(05-13-2016 01:28 PM)billydb101 Wrote: [ -> ]I must be blind, all i see is a list .where are the programs file.
Given that tale with few MB to upload files, and the total required is 14 MB, I am only able to publish some of the 32 of the list. I did not want to publish any until I know if someone was interested.
Thank you , Pedro for making them for the world to know, I am sure there are many who have interest in them.This is the only RPN Logic (science) calculator made today and i hope HP has plans and the insight to keep RPN language in one of their science calculators. It will be a sad day for RPN users when they stop. I wish there was two. One that was more advance,I know the 35 was kept low tech for students, but it is still a good calculator.Every time i cut my 41cx on ,i smile.
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