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Full Version: android prime vs prime prime speed
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Just ran some speed comparisons android prime and real prime

Androids were tab pro 8.4, note 2 and Blue Stage 7 (cheap tab).
In all cases the droids were about 3x faster. Of course they are quad cpus over 1ghz

But it shows that the android prime is a native app and very well implemented.

The test was a simple loop expanding and then factoring a cubic about 5000 times.
What criteria were adopted to get those speed ratios?
No critetia , just a time measurement og

loop ()
local t:= TICKS, Q, k;
for k from 1 to 5000 do
Q:= expand ((x+1)*(x-2)*(x+9)) ;
factor (Q);

Run on each device and compared times.
Nothing fancy.
Be aware that there is approximately a 20% performance hit during key presses. So if your runs are in the < 200ms range on the HW, then lingering on the enter key can be a significant variable in the processing time.
Runs over 10 seconds

This test is just rough.
Im sure there might be a dependency on what is computed but it should be the same code base.
I dont care about absolute time but just relative between devices

How well does the windows version do? I havent tried this .
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