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Full Version: Old Catalog of HP Calculators (and others)
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Thanks to Gene for scanning the 1982-1983 Olympic Sales Catalog.

You can find a couple of previous ones on my site too, also from Gene!
Ah, but I didn't scan it. I found it online actually.

We now have the 1975, 1976 and 1982 editions of the Olympic Sales Catalog. Can anyone find other years ?

There was also a wholesale distributor based (of all places) here in Tennessee named BA Pargh that published a big catalog of all sorts of stuff, including calculators with great line art drawings of them. Anyone have a lead on one of those ?
Hmmm...I will have to check my archives.

I found the Olympic Sales Company, Inc. catalogue 1980/1981 on this site:


What a great blast from the past. I lived in SoCal at that time and had forgotten about Olympic Sales catalogs. I love that it captures that evolving relationship with Apple. I also love looking at all that 41c gear only to have SwissMicros release a "new" 41c this week, 30+ years later. Truly remarkable. Quite the testament to HP's vision, design, and manufacturing. I'm off to push some double injected molded keys. :-)
Thanks a lot for sharing, that looks like a catalog from paradise ;-)

The ad about the HP-IL interface on one of the first pages sounds like a prophecy:
Quote:HP-IL, your link with the Future

I still have a lot of fun with my HP-41 and the interface loop, linked to my Mac using the PIL-Box.
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