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Full Version: Who can repair a cracked solder in my 42S?
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I have an HP-42S that I have been using since the early 90s. It's a great calculator, and I want to keep using it. It seems that a solder may be broken or loose in my calculator. Under some conditions, it starts to beep continuously. If I flex the calculator gently, I can get it to stop and I see "machine reset" on the display. If I run diagnostics, every thing passes. The calculator typically sits in a pocket in my backpack, and I suspect that it has flexed back & forth a few times over the years. I live in the Austin, TX area and I work for the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (...a coincidence I never could have foreseen when I first bought this calculator). I would love to hear from someone on this forum who has the skills to inspect the board and make the solder repairs.
Thanks, Mike
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