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Full Version: Doing Math in Different Language
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(11-21-2015 02:25 AM)Bill (Smithville NJ) Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-21-2015 12:57 AM)Vtile Wrote: [ -> ]Is there btw. a study made (and written) of the history of mathematical notation used along the years?

Following is list of a few books on Math Notation.
NOTE: I have not read or reviewed any of these, but some do look interesting:

A History of Mathematical Notations: Vol I
by Florian Cajori

A History of Mathematical Notations, Volume II
by Florian Cajori

Enlightening Symbols: A Short History of Mathematical Notation and Its Hidden Powers
by Joseph Mazur

Writing the History of Mathematical Notations: 1483-1700
by Sr. Mary Leontius Schulte and Albrecht Heeffer

Numerical Notation: A Comparative History
by Stephen Chrisomalis

Maybe some of the members here have seen some of these and may want to comment.

Smithville, NJ

One more is "Number Words and Number Symbols" by Menninger (MIT, now Dover) I like it because it treats the formation of number words in both Indo-European and non-Indo-European languages.
And one other is "Mathematics under the Microscope: Notes on cognitive aspects of mathematical practice" by Borovik (AMS). Its subtitle hits at its contents.
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