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Full Version: how about an Enigma replica
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Do you want your own Enigma machine without paying $100,000 for an original one from WWII? Here it is.

link to an Enigma replica
A software simulation of an Enigma machine in a rather nice wooden box? I think I'll pass. I want real rotors and mechanics.

I've considered building an Enigma machine using Meccano/Erector/Märklin parts. Maybe one day.

- Pauli
Compared to the original, it looks a bit ... ummh ... electronic to me. Quite ahead of its time. Undecided
This kind of money buys you a ticket to one of the nicest cities in the world (and a visit of the museum of communication).


Edit - To say something more on-topic: I like the idea of further developing obsolete technology this way. What if the Enigma would still have been build in the 60th? You cannot see the electronics, so using an AVR instead of discrete transistors is ok imo. Not really a collectors item, but a piece of art. An expression of feelings I could probably share.
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