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Full Version: Direct Stiffness Method - HP-41 Programs
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For those interested in this subject, there's a rather interesting book written by Alois Kammerl with a good selection of programs for the 41 - in fact the book includes two sets of programs, one for the plain machine and another using X-Mem that allows solving larger systems.

After some debating I decided to roll up my sleves and type the programs to make them available in ROM format. I should have known it wasn't going to be trivial, but it got very ugly very quickly: my copy of the book has a few faded lines in the program listings, plus I found (and I think fixed) a few bugs in the code (typos or otherwise); and then I made a good dozen of typing mistakes while keying the code in my system... so it's been *very* hard to debug.

After a couple of weeks in a rat hole I think the ROMS are now ready to go, but it sure will be good to get some more testing done, beyond the examples in the book - any volunteers out there? Send me a PM for the MOD files so you can run them at lightening speed on V41...


PS. Forgot to mention the book's title: "Matrix Steifigkeits-Methode für den HP-41"
ISBN 3-528-04289-3 Vieweg, 1984.
I see that "Google Books" has a copy of parts of that book online - if the code bits you need are there, you can update the RPN for free!
Otherwise if purchased the book is available as a PDF, see:
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