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Full Version: HP 110 Portable (+), Disk Format, HP110.SYS
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The HP Portable (Plus) laptops are MS-DOS compatible, but it is not that easy to transfer software from a PC to these machines. One way is to build a custom RS 232 cable ( the pinout of the Portables is non-standard ) and find and setup suitable terminal programs on both sides, but I've heard there should be another easier path for owners of the 9114 external floppy disk drive.
The disk formats of PC and HP Portable are different, so normally a disk written by a PC cannot be read by the Portable, but:
A device driver ( file name: HP110.SYS ) should exist ( according to a post in a vintage computer forum ). With that driver a standard PC should be able to write disks in HP 110 Portable format.
Does anyone know about such a driver? Or much better: Can anyone provide it?

I remermber using Omniflop and I think it works. Try there http://www.shlock.co.uk/Utils/OmniFlop/OmniFlop.htm


Thank you Pascal!

Omniflop can read and write disks as a whole, but it cannot decode the file system, add or remove a file etc., so you can use it to copy and to format disks, but not for file transfer from PC to HP Portable Plus.
But fortunately meanwhile I received what I was looking for, the device drivers HP110.SYS and HPPPLUS.SYS. There were created by Sydex (http://www.sydex.com)
back in the eighties.
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