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Full Version: Mathematically Speaking, English is Trivial
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It seems like that is all based upon the assumption that two things that are not the same are equal to each other... but cute I suppose nevertheless.
Quite right, Matt, algebra is all about the equality of expressions that are different, eg

√5853+√(158+2*√5853) = √(79+2*√97)+√(5932-2*√97+2*√(462387-11706*√97)).

Indeed, the work of detectives is the same, trying to work out that "the killer" & "Mr Markback" are the same person.
Ah, but those are numbers, and quantity is the only characteristic of numbers. Numbers are one dimensional (could be smart and say two), language has tone, meaning and I'm sure more. Now, I would like to see someone quantify sarcasm.
All I knowe is there ain't nothing algebraic about grammar.
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