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Full Version: AFiles problem
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If I store an object such as AFiles ("name") := obj it works fine.

I can then reload it with xyz := AFiles ("name");

Ok. But just using AFiles () produce an empty list {} and not a
list of files as i would have expected.

Now the problem I'm having is that using

AFiles ("aname") where it doesnt exist produces a system error
which breaks the code.
There seems to be no way to determine if
a stored object exists.

Do i really gave to use an error trap just to determine the
existence of a stored object ?

AFiles() retourne bien la liste des variables crées avec AFiles("nom"),
mais AFiles est liée à l'application active.
Si vous changez d'application, il faut utiliser Application.AFiles()
Espérant vous avoir aidé.


Afiles () returns the list of well variables created with Afiles ( "name") ,
Afiles but is related to the active application.
If you change your application, you must use Application.AFiles ()
Hoping you have helped.
Yet another bug in android prime.
I've passed it along...
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