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Full Version: what does RESET do on prime
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On android prime reset is in the slide in menu.

Here's whst it does:

1. It saves the app I added
2. It deletes all programs
3. It deletes all notes
4. It deletes all AFiles I created

So it saves the app. Might as well do a reinstall
for a cleaner restart.

I tried turning the app off before reset since I
have no clue about when things are actually saved.

This did not help.

I got the impression somewhere that at least AFiles
would be saved (to "disc"). Nada.

Spontanious crashes lose some things but not as much.
Should be doing the same thing it does everywhere else - wipe all data from disk and ram (with the exception of your language settings, theme, and calculator name) and then restart.

So its a hard factory reset with some minor exceptions.

This is what it does after some crashes.

Is there a "soft reset"?
I was wondering if I backup my Prime(let's say it is running FW 7820), then I update to FW 8151. after that... I restore my calc using the 7820 back up I made. what firmware will I end up with? 7820 or 8151?
The restore is only files - not the firmware on the device. 8151
Thank you Tim! it's good to know.
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