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Full Version: (49G) Putting a hexadecimal ZINT in a programme
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A programme for the 49G (1.19-6) & 50G to enable entering hexadecimal ZINTs in an uncompiled programme.

This method was suggested by Joe Horn here


many thanks to him.

For integer input, eg


the programme returns a string beginning with "NIBHEX " & then the form in which the hexadecimal ZINT is stored in the calculator, in this case

"NIBHEX 41620D00002440A210"

The content of the string can now be inserted in an uncompiled programme & on compilation will appear in the programme as the hexadecimal ZINT corresponding to the original decimal ZINT.

eg On compiling the string

"NIBHEX 41620D00002440A210

you will find


on the stack, the correct form for decimal 19530818 as a hexadecimal ZINT.

I dub the programme



  # FF
    FPTR2 ^Z>ZH
    FPTR 2 A5
    "NIBHEX "
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