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Full Version: Android crash
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After browsing on a Windows 7 library PC, with the Android plugged into the USB, on returning home the android calculator keeps crashing.

I didn't use the calculator whilst connected. The only thing I did wrong was I forgot to "safely remove hardware". I'd browsed the visible internal and SD card drives, but that was an hour earlier - I wasn't transferring anything when I logged out and disconnected.

Before that I had been editing a program - that would occasionally crash, but allowed recovery by editing something. Now, it crashes without any opportunity to edit.

I've tried switching the phone off, force stop of the app, and clear cache - no joy.
I've yet to try deleting data (as luck would have it, I was just about to publish a program...
Should have done daily updates instead of waiting until it was ready), or uninstalling.

If I uninstall, will the Android shop remember its been paid for or would I have to buy it again?

If I try to find the programs, which directory would they be in? (Can't browse until I am back at the library)
I don't think removing the tablet without the "Safely remove" thing has anything to do. Is not really required except for some devices that you specifically set to:
[Image: usb-cache.jpg]

About the crash, delete the app data from the app properties:
[Image: 8Al6p.png]
Clearing the data got the app working again. If only backing up were easier.
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