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Full Version: Frequency of HP Prime
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Hi all

I found this info on the web.
What I not know is the possible to have two frequency modes.

Is it posible to switch between?
Wich commands?

Thanks for any help.


Architecture : ARM (ARM9 ; 32 bit)
Core : ARM926EJ-S
Manufacturer : Samsung
Reference : S3C2416
Specs : 16KB I-cache; 16KB D-cache/MMU
Frequency : 2 Modes : 266 MHz and 400 MHz
I think that the uP speed is locked on the kernel of the Prime OS, nothing to do for now.

Prime runs at 400Mhz.
It will scale CPU speed down when not in use, but that is it. There is no user controllable way to change the CPU speed.

(10-15-2015 05:36 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote: [ -> ]It will scale CPU speed down when not in use, but that is it.

I think the CPU scaling doesn't work quite well in HP Prime.
I can give examples of programs that sometimes runs for 10 seconds and sometimes for 7 seconds (if you run it several times without any modifications).
So the scaling down also happens (sometimes) when performance is required and program slows down.
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