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Full Version: This is where your ice cream comes from...
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I saw that ad today and since there is no shipping to my country (not even a reseller or anything) I decided to take some measurements from pictures using the ruler in photoshop:
[Image: -5TFEVvM9f.jpg]

[Image: Eb2Hqq3YmC.jpg]

[Image: KukHYrPpDq.jpg]

Then draw it in 3d:
[Image: LW9HGOKmbn.jpg]

Printing and sawing time!:
[Image: KU5pycyiLg.jpg]

[Image: hEUAsDPn-D.jpg]

[Image: K7IdIa753O.jpg]

[Image: AybwiOuoDP.jpg]

[Image: uCzDFzLApU.jpg]

[Image: gDzfzUKcXS.jpg]

To be continued... (need to buy some screw caps and anti-slip stickers)
I think I want an ostomy . . .

the horror, the horror
I will think of that clip, every time I pass one of those Mr Softy ice cream vans

Here are the plans and the final design:
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