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Full Version: No acces to source code in App
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Hi all,

Is it posible to make an App that only could be executed, and the code not be edit.
I'm making a general App for school, but the code is not public!


An inverse of this question seems equally valid: Is it possible to make editable code so versatile, the general public can create apps? With PPL, it's getting there...

Thanks, but I don't understand what you are writing?

(I'm Dutch)
There is no way to lock the code from view/edit. What you can do is obfuscate the code to make it harder to understand (to lock any *secret*), but that's all.
(10-06-2015 09:30 AM)Powersoft Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, but I don't understand what you are writing?

(I'm Dutch)

To be clear:

With "open source," the benefits of code are widely distributed, encouraging increased use, and enhancement by others. On the other hand, hiding code tends to have the reverse effect.

Simple syntax in a versatile programming language limits clever hiding tactics, which are easily reverse engineered. In other words, trying to turn this device into a required lock, over which you are the sole provider of the keys, isn't a good paradigm for the hp Prime.

Oke, that is clear for me.
But I can imagine that some one is well willing to let us use his personal app, but don't won't to share the intellectual knowledge behind it because it is not allowed to share.
(private or commercial)
Somehow, the hp Prime doesn't seem like the right 'technology' for capturing intellectual knowledge in a personal app. Do you have any examples?

To be clear, let's say you wanted to analyze an electrical DC network, and have discovered a convenient, new mathematical approach for this. Do you see this as something for which a wide population would purchase both an hp Prime and your personal app? (You can insert just about anything in lieu of that example). Open source tools already exist for more versatile platforms, better suited to the task.

I see the hp Prime as a learning tool, and much like this forum, sharing information is the reward; in that as a recipient of the knowledge, you are better able to develop within yourself, and as a donor of the knowledge, you have repaid a debt, gratitude for those who have inspired you along the way. With relatively little determination, most interested users can probably create the app themselves, thanks to hpppl being somewhat easy to use.

If this device were more robust, with I/O, comm's, and such, (think PLC), hiding code might have more commercial merit. Otherwise, not so much.


At this point in time, Prime does NOT have a functionality to 'hide' program source code.
The program is stored internally as text and compiled when needed, so the text is always there.

What are you trying to achieve:
- Let the user see the code, but block him from modifying it (protect the code from unexpected changes, maybe password protected so it can not be accidentally modified)?
- Hide the code from the user because "he has no business seeing it"?
- Hide the code from the user to protect your algo?

All of the above are valid reasons (well, open source proponent would disagree for the 3rd one here).

Thanks all for this open discussion.
I have no reason to protect my work, but whas freely thinking about
this subject.
And wont to know how other members of the forum are thinking about it.

Yes it is good to have open software, on that basis I have learned a lot (not only for the HP-Prime !)


If there was a possibility to protect someone's work then maybe we could see something like this:

Pour moi la possibilité de proposer une application sans le code
est une mauvaise chose.
On risque de se retouver à terme avec des applications utilisables seulement
un certain temps puis soumis à rétribution par l'auteur.(shareware)
Cela ne serait pas bon pour l'avenir de la Prime.
Restons pour les calculatrices, dans un monde de gratuité, de partage et d'entre aide
une chance de survie pour ces machines que beaucoup voient déjà condamnées à
Espérant que la traduction ne trahisse pas ma pensée.

For me the opportunity to propose an application without code
is a bad thing .
Eventually we risk retouver with applications usable only
some time and then subjected to retribution by the author.
That would not be good for the future of Prime.
Calculators to remain in a world of gratuitousness , sharing and mutual aid
a chance of survival for these machines many see already convicted
Hoping that the translation does not betray my thought .
Agreed, closed-source programs are not a good fit for the Prime's philosophy, and a bad thing in general for most purposes.
(10-07-2015 07:35 PM)Tyann Wrote: [ -> ]Bonjour

On risque de se retouver

SVP, "retouver"? O "retrouver"?

Merçi, brickviking

(Poste 45)
"Retrouver", indeed.
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