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Full Version: HP48GX keyboard
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I have an Hp48GX with bad, bad key press problems. Hard to turn on, hard to turn off and difficult to enter any key presses at all. I'm aware that this sort of thing happens to old 48's. With FixThatCalc apparently shut down and, reportedly, Vintage Calc Repair (in Oregon) not responding along with International Calcs of Florida not fixing 48's anymore, what do I do now? Is my machine terminal? Or is there anyone in this vast land of ours that can be trusted to fix my beloved 48? Thankx.[/i]
Does some pressure with a finger right below the screen (not on the screen) cause the problem to go away? Maintain the pressure while you do this test, hence, use your free hand to test buttons.
. Very firm pressure here and there is what it takes to make respond at all. I've been doing that and, of course, things got worse. Thank you. I should have mentioned that I picked up that procedure somewhere - probably here.
(10-02-2015 10:21 PM)tim peterson Wrote: [ -> ]...Vintage Calc Repair (in Oregon) not responding...

Bruce is still repairing 48's, he's just very backed-up and sometimes gets behind returning messages. Suggest you give him a call (assuming you are in US) to confirm before sending in your machine for repair.

Well the repair isn't that bad. There is a rubber strip below the LCD inside the case that presses everything down firmly for the keyboard connector. It most likely has started to deteriorate. If I run across a person actively repairing 48's I will forward the info to you. If you want to attempt a repair yourself, a quick google search turned up this: http://users.ju.edu/hduong/repair/
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