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Full Version: Incorrect Simplify
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Can somebody check this for me. I don't have the latest software on my work calculator.

Integrate sqrt(1/x-1) from 1/2 to 1 with the minimum or none simplification set in CAS settings.

It returns correctly 1/4*pi - sqrt(1/4).

However, upon simplifying (or copy and pasting) it will convert the sqrt(1/4) to sqrt(1)/4, obviously quite wrong!!

Setting the simplifying to maximum gives (pi-2)/4 which is correct.

However the incorrect simplifying is troubling. Does this also occur with the latest firmware?

It does. The issue is with the parsing of the copied text into the 2d mode. Specifically, the sqrt(1/4) turns into sqrt(1)/4.

To be clear, pressing the "simplify" button works fine. It is exclusively the copy/paste part that has an issue. What appears to be happening is the sqrt -> √ replacement is incorrectly identifying that parenthesis are not required. Definitely now on the list for correction. Many thanks!
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