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Full Version: [PDF] HP Prime Quick Reference
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I remember that years ago I printed a small pocket reference for my HP48/49g and it was so useful (specially in vacations without internet)

Here is a similar thing for the latest firmware:
[Image: sTkTU2rUkH.png]

I know the Prime has a reference built in, but it just pisses me off when I try to actually find something.
Hey! Thank you very much eried! it is very useful.

This is *excellent*!

Thanks a million for posting this, Eried.

Outstanding, thank you!!!
Very, very nice. So useful! Thanks for posting this.

Thanks. Is this an extract of the onboard HELP tree?
(10-04-2015 12:06 AM)CR Haeger Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. Is this an extract of the onboard HELP tree?

Thank you for your work, well done!
Thank you!
Thank's a lot, very helpfull.
Eried, this is awesome. Thank you so much!
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