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Full Version: Late comer to WP-34S
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My apologies up front, but I am a late comer to the WP34S ranks. I have used only HP's since 1986 and I am overly impressed with the 34s and I have read just about everything I could find over the last week on how to make one. Is it too late to build one? I think the overlay is the critical piece and I ordered one yesterday from Eric at Hpcalc.org, Which is the only piece I can find for sale. I have an Hp-30b and another one on the way. I will make everything from scratch if I have to but if anyone has parts for sale (cables, crystal, etc) I would like to buy them. Or I could even rent a cable from you to flash it.
I, too, am a late comer to the WP34S ranks and wanted to buy one pre-built as my soldering skills aren't too good. I tried to order from Eric's web page but can't get it to add the WP34S to my shopping cart.

I sent Eric an email so maybe he can let me know how to order one. Christmas is a wonderful time to get a new calculator.

I tried the same thing and got a blank cart, so I assumed Eric is out of them, and from what I have read on this forum, probably well over a year ago. I'll keep you posted if anyone helps me out, Please do the same for me. I would buy a whole unit too, but only because I am short on spare time. Hopefully the overlay I ordered is available, the charge has already been applied to my card, so fingers crossed. There is a whole unit on Ebay for sale, version 3.2xxxx.
(10-02-2015 01:34 PM)Haycock Wrote: [ -> ]I tried the same thing and got a blank cart, so I assumed Eric is out of them, and from what I have read on this forum, probably well over a year ago...

I bought my pre-made WP 34S from Eric in April of this year (2015), so it hasn't been as long as that.

The link I had used was this http://commerce.hpcalc.org/34s.php, although as noted, clicking the 'Add to cart' button does not add one to the shopping cart now.

Thanks for the update, and very good to hear it. A few days ago, I sent an email to Eric, maybe there is a chance he will make me a WP34S.
If you don't hear from Eric, be patient. He's editing the videos from HHC2015. If you're in a hurry, I have a spare WP34S w/ crystal I could part with. I could even bundle it with a printed copy of the v3.2 manual.

Thanks Dave, and yes I am very interested in it. I will contact you via email. I am not in a rush. I can't believe the convention was about an hour from me. I read about it the day it concluded.
I just heard from Eric, his stock of HP-30b's is depleted, so he isn't presently offering a complete unit.
Using the overlay you just bought, you can flash your own by soldering only 3 wires as shown here.
The instructions below mention Herald's USB board which is no longer available, and also mentions
the crystal and capacitors used for the optional stopwatch feature. But if you flash the calc.bin
image you don't need the crystal/caps so you can do it with only 3 wires.

Very nice Barry. My searches of the forum didn't turn that up. Thank you very much!
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