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Full Version: Your old TI graphing calculator still costs a fortune, here's why (magazine article)
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Somebody doesn't like the idea. I found the link on BoingBoing.net this morning describing it as follows: "Twenty years ago, Texas Instruments released the TI-83 graphing calculator, a stupidly expensive piece of old technology that most high schools still require their juniors and seniors buy for around $100. Why? Because. That's why."

I think you are preaching to the (North American) choir with this one.

In my opinion a $15 TI36X + $20 in graph paper & pencils would be better learning tools than these $100+ graphers for most math students.
TI graphic calcs: nice multi-line display but no RPN stack to look at - what a waste.
In 1999-2002 I used TI-83 Plus. 24 Kb of user-available RAM and 163 Kb flash (also programmably accesible), normal working capacity within 6.4... 3.2 V, high-contrast display and reliable keys, 20 mA of maximum consumption. $100 for such calculator in present time it is inexpensive. IMO, the student has to spend the main time for the fundamental study with the help of calculator, but not on studying of the confused concepts from developers of calculators and their defects.
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