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Full Version: NASA SP-428 Space Resources & Space Settlements - Mass Drivers (HP-67/97, HP-25)
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Space Resources & Space Settlements [NASA SP-428 v2] (30MB PDF)

Below is a list of programs included in NASA SP-428:

Mass Drivers I: Electrical Design
Mutual Inductance of Two Coaxial Coils [HP-25] p.83
Energy Transfer to Moving Bucket [HP-25] p.85

Mass Drivers II: Structural Dynamics
Force Exerted on a Drive Coil Due to Neighboring Drive Coils [HP-67/97] p.99

Mass Drivers III: Engineering
Mass Optimizaiton for MDRE (Mass Driver Reaction Engine) and MDLL (Mass Driver Lunar Launcher) [HP-67/97] p.127
Mission Optimization OPT-4: MDRE Components, Free-Space Delta-v Mission Performance [HP-67/97] p.128
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