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Full Version: Odd and Even Functions
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Hello Friends,

I request you add the Functions ODD and EVEN to the Arithmetic Block in the Math Soft Menu. This Math Menu comes up when you press the Toolbox Button. The Arithmetic Sub-Menu is Entry Number Two in the Math Menu.

Currently the Arithmetic Menu is arranged as such :-

1: Maximum
2: Minimum
3: Modulus
4: Find Root
5: Percentage
6: Complex
7: Exponential

Please Add :-

8: Odd
9: Even

These functions are already present in the Catlogue so they just need to be added to the menu. They are also used in Excel.

Thank You
Dear Friends,

Please also add :-

GCD Greatest Common Divisor

LCM Lowest Common Multiple

To the Arithmetic Soft Menu.

These functions are also in the Catalog

Thank You
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