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Full Version: System of inequalities (another error)
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Hello everyone,
in this simple system of non-linear inequalities, the HP Prime gives the wrong result:
SOLVE({7x-x^2>0,x^2-6x-4<0}), it returns 0<x<3+sqrt(13).

[Image: th_313063813_sysine_122_155lo.jpg]

The right result here is: 0<x<7 ;-)
This makes the Prime unreliable in doing such exercises.

Aries :-)
Hello Aries

Just check your maths, it sems your Prime is right.
Thanks for your precious time, Jean-Michel, I feel bad about all this and please have mercy on me, my eyes played a dirty trick on me :-(
Sorry, I'm ashamed :'(
Wish you all the best,

Aries ;-)
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