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Full Version: CAS, negative numbers, and ROUND
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This doesn't look right, when compared to ROUND() in Home.

Firmware 8151.
Xcas does the same thing:


I have no point or conclusion, however, just Xcas does the same thing.

Seems like one has to add 1 in order to get the correct result (assuming rounding to 0 significant digits is desired).

Take -0.2:

ROUND(-0.2) should result in -0.2.
ROUND(-0.2,0) should result in 0.
ROUND(-0.2,1) should result in -0.2
ROUND(-0.2,2) should result in -0.2
ROUND(-0.2,3) should result in -0.2

And that is what Home shows, but not CAS.
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