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Full Version: Rediscovering the Atlanta Conference Proceedings
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While reorganizing my HP manuals I stumbled upon an article on an HP-71 disassembler from the Atlanta HP Handheld Conference proceedings, held in 1985.

The wonderful articles include:
FORTH on the 75
The 82164 RS232 HP-IL interface
The 71 Disassembler, by Peter Steinmetz
The 41 Translator by Bill Wickes

and an interesting article, in light of FRAM71, on HP-71 memory expansion by Jim De Arras of HHP, Inc.

Here's a copy: Atlanta Conference Proceedings, 1985
(09-07-2015 09:03 PM)Dave Frederickson Wrote: [ -> ]I can't find a copy of the proceedings on any of the MoHPC/TOS/PPC DVD's.

Proceedings of essentially all PPC/CHHU/HPX/etc. conferences can be found on the DVD's from Jake Schwartz, here.
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