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Full Version: Notes App missing functions! (Solved)
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I recently created a text in the Notes App using the CK, then I sent it to The Prime... so far so good. when I opened the note, I realized the font was too small for me to read it, so I instantly thought let's change the font size to the maximum available (in this case 22 size) ... then I noticed there's no option to "Select All" text at once, so I had to go line by line changing the size of the font throughout the whole document. Am I missing something? or we need more options on this Notes App! Also if I have a large document it would be too difficult to find key-words, Don't we need a "Search" function too?
The rest of the functions are awesome though.
You could:
1) Click copy, all
2) Press ON
3) Change format

That works... however there is a little bug with the editor bullets:
[Image: m4aAXUYlUP.png]

And another problem with the menus
[Image: 4PEemyDWHg.png]

these 2 issues pop in the 30 seconds I tested your question in the notes app... sometimes seem it is more like a calculator inside a bug rather than a bug in a calculator.
(09-07-2015 02:23 AM)eried Wrote: [ -> ]You could:
1) Click copy, all
2) Press ON
3) Change format

A slower but more flexible alternative is to press the screen below the bottom line, hold for one second, then drag your finger to the top left corner. That highlights everything too.

It's more flexible than [Copy] [All] [On] because you can also use this "press, hold, and drag" method to highlight any subsection. To deselect the current selection, just press and hold then release without dragging.
Both solutions are pretty useful, its a shame that they are not too obvious and also not yet included in the help section on the Prime, but they work perfectly.
Thank you eried and Joe. you guys saved my life!

PD. I still think we need a search function though.
(09-07-2015 03:56 AM)Spybot Wrote: [ -> ]PD. I still think we need a search function though.

And here it is - the ZED EDITOR, freshly posted today (again,[ the first upload did not go as planned]).
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