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Full Version: Port of Giac [ Longfloat ] / GNU [ MPFR ] Libraries to HP Prime CAS [ Kernel ] Level
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One truly Wonderful feature still [ Missing ] from HP Prime is the Porting of Giac [ Longfloat ] / GNU [ MPFR ] Libraries, incorporating the ability for [ Arbitrary Precision ] Floating Point Arithmetic to HP Prime CAS [ Kernel ].

Its worth to mention that even HP 49/50g ( with all their hardware limitations ) have a third party [ Longfloat ] package ( available through HPCalc.org at [ http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=5363 ] ).

Also any Android [ Smartphone / Tablet ] with XCas / Giac App installed, do indeed have plenty access to Multiple Precision Floating Point capabilities, still [ Lacking ] from HP Prime ( although sharing similar ARM base CPU and hardware architectures ).

The task of Porting Giac Longfloat / GNU MPFR Libraries to HP Prime would be more than compensated and worth the effort, since it would allow HP Prime to be the [ First ] handheld [ Calculator ] with Longfloat CAS support at its [ Kernel ] Level.

Yours Sincerely, with Congratulations for the Superb idea of collecting all Suggestions and Bug Reports in Centralized Pages, allowing HP Staff to know HP Prime users most desirable and Wanted Features and Resources.

My Best Wishes and a Very Nice and continued Work to All,

Prof. Ricardo Duarte
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