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Full Version: What ever happened to HP-Solve ???
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Dear All,

does anyone of you knows what happened to the HP-Solve Quarterly Newsletter ? The web site still presents issue #32 from September 2013! As long as Richard Nelson was in charge as editor very interesting articles were guaranteed. Then came the shift to an education oriented newsletter with issue #32 and then what ?

HP should at least return to a quarterly schedule or, even better, get back to the technical oriented format with lots of interesting articles as was the case before issue #32. I don't dare of dreaming about a very high standard magazine as HP Journal was, but if HP doesn't wave its flag "Hey we're still building excellent calculators" how should people know and buy?

So this is an excellent chance to try out the new poll feature of this forum. Please add your vote for:
Option 1: if you do not want HP Solve continued
Option 2: if you want an education oriented HP Solve
Option 3: if you want a technical oriented HP Solve

Thank you very much in advance

Best regards

Voted for option 3, but unfortunately the future of the HP calcs division lies in education. If this market is to be entered, there has to be some kind of communication. A newsletter focussing on education (at least in english, french and german) is a must imo.

Quote:"Hey we're still building excellent calculators"
Maybe, maybe not. Another federal state (NRW IIRC) over here made use of G-models in school obligatory(*). TI dominates this *very important* market, and I fear one rather has to wave with competitive prices and excellent communication.

(*) completely insane nonsense, but it's reality, no dystopia.
Hi Thomas,

thank you for your reply. I agree with you that there has to be some kind of communication if a specific market is to be entered but why do you think it is nonsense that pupils learn how to work with a graphic calculator? I remember a video which demonstrated an example math lesson held by an HP employee where the focus was on problem solving and the number crunching was left to the HP Prime (alas I didn't store the URL). Of course the precondition for such an approach is that pupils have learned the basics and know the underlying methods and could do the calculation themselves. If this precondition is met, I think that learning and practicing to use this for actual real world problem solving is very important, too, and in such a phase concentrating on the problem at hand and letting the number crunching be done by a graphic calculator is ok for me.

Best regards

Why is it a graphic calculator that shall be required for number crunching??

(01-17-2014 07:29 AM)Karl-Ludwig Butte Wrote: [ -> ][...] why do you think it is nonsense that pupils learn how to work with a graphic calculator?
For one, they are very expensive and many parents have problems spending this kind of money for a second calculater needed for just a couple of years. In Nds., some schools even requested the TI Voyager!

Secondly, learning how to deal with something just demanded for education is an absurd concept.

Last not least, it's so much more fun to draw your graphs yourself! :-)
(01-17-2014 08:08 AM)Thomas Radtke Wrote: [ -> ]Last not least, it's so much more fun to draw your graphs yourself! :-)

Or have them build their own PiPad:
[Image: pipad.jpg]

Install Mathematica, guide them to Khan Academy, teach them a decent programming language, ...

(01-17-2014 09:08 AM)Thomas Klemm Wrote: [ -> ]Install Mathematica [...]
Not needed, it's part of the Raspbian image :-).

At least, here we have something useful for working life, as opposed to a graphics calculator.
Dear All

thank you for participating in this poll and contributing replies.

I'll try to find a way to contact the editor(s) of HP Solve to forward the results.

Best regards

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