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Full Version: RSS feed only seems to include first posting to a thread
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I have been using the forums for a while (after the flow of messages on comp.sys.hp48 dwindled to a mere trickle), and I'm finding the user interface impossible to deal with. (I even tried setting "Classic" mode in the User Control Panel but I didn't notice any improvement.

When I noticed that you have an RSS feed, I was delighted. That should enable me to read the forums in Gnus (my mail client / newsreader) where I can be completely at home and, more importantly, efficient.

However, your RSS feeds do not appear to work. They include only the first posting in a thread/topic in a forum (along with edits to that posting), but none of the responses are included, so the feed is useless.

The feed also does not include the user names of the senders of the posts, which seems less than ideal.

Can these issues be fixed? Or might I be doing something wrong?

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