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Full Version: HP-65 40th anniversary edition
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(01-22-2014 01:53 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote: [ -> ]Out of curiosity, what are B/O, C/N, and NN? Apologies if I did not write those symbols correctly.
Might be...

B/O = Return
C/N = Run/Stop
NN = Gosub

...as on the MK-52:

MK-52 keyboard mapping
All described commands works different in program and run modes

B/O - RETURN/CLEAR PC - Return from subroutine/reset program counter to zero ("rewind" program)
C/N - STOP/RUN - STOP in program, RUN, while in RUN mode (you can interrupt program execution at any time by pressing any key)
NN - GOSUB/Step forward. Return from subroutine/step forward in RUN mode
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