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Full Version: Different behavior between "," and "." formats in RPN mode
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I was trying to follow Eddie Shore's video tutorial on Advanced RPN functions on the Prime. I wanted to do it since I get many errors when trying to use CAS functions in home (since i much prefer RPN)

As I am "mainland European", I use "," as decimal point. I have chosen space as thousands separator.

An example Eddie uses is factoring 76 in RPN

When I enter, as in the video:

76 - level 1
CAS.ifactor(1) edit line

I get syntax error, while Eddie does not.

Checking what could be the error, I change number format to decimal point instead. Now it works (and there was no decimal point in sight)

Is this a known bug? It is advisable to use always decimal point?

I have been able to replicate this error in a number of other CAS functions, but now I don't remember them.
In previous versions it was. Hence this bug is also in the current firmware. When You choose coma as decimal separator, CAS functions in RPN mode do not work.
For the sake of clarity, I'm running the latest version (8151)
I do not have a HP Prime calculator. I have HP Prime emulator on PC (8151). And on emulator I find that CAS functions do not work when coma (,) is decimal separator, CAS functions works fine when period (.) is decimal separator. Try it.
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