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Full Version: [SOLVED] Cannot solve limit (1+x/n)^n; n=>infinity
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I haven't real calculator, but both my android app (2015 04 20) and HP Prime PC (Rev:8151) solve limit (1+x/n)^n; n=>infinity as 1, but proper result is e^x. Am I doing something wrong or is it bug?

I just checked, I get exp(x), maybe you have x assigned to 0?
Its a matter of parentheses: the way you've written it the nth power is applied to the result of limit(1+x/n).

Two things:

1. The parenthesis supplied for the limit function is intended to hold the entire argument. You put the power of "n" outside the function.

Instead of lim(1+x/n)^n use lim((1+x/n)^n).

2. Put the calculator in radians mode. (Sorry, I have no idea why this is so, but it applies to many non-trig functions. It's best to keep the calculator in radians mode until you need to use degrees.)
Thank you all. I didn't think I am so stupid. :-)
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